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Short term rental management

The process


We connect with our clients (virtually or face to face) to understand their needs & goals. Then we discuss a plan for how we can partner with you to improve the performance of your short term rental.


Once onboard, we integrate your listing into our property management technology to begin formulating a strategy on how to improve upon your investment.


Then we execute against the plan. All while staying lockstep in communication to ensure that you're 100% satisfied with our management.


Shortly started out of a genuine interest in short term rentals. We listed properties on different platforms and fell in love with the process of how short term rentals added value to people. We took the vision a step further and began accepting invitations via word-of-mouth to handle property management for other hosts. We realized quickly how common it is for homeowners/property owners who needed a co-host or property manager to give them more time back in their day. Those who are looking for truly passive income. Our vision has evolved and grown. We've developed our model to support hosts in the Midwest region of the US at scale. We love our clients and the work that we get to do day to day that makes a positive impact.


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Shortly Management

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